Some Good Things

At the end of every year (or in this case, beginning of the new one) I make a list of all of the good things that happened or in general am grateful for in the past year. I usually have to scroll through my photos and backtrack month by month to help me remember. 2020 made this a harder exercise…but there are still many things that were good. While I’m not an advocate for forced positive thinking — that can be toxic in its own right — I am a big advocate for finding every little thing to be grateful for. Here are a few good things from 2020 beyond having my health, family’s health, a job and a new president elected:

SO. MANY. WALKS. (And bike rides.)

My world has felt very small this year but my neighborhood, beloved Forest Park, and one truly wonderful hike on Mt Hood have been sanity savers and mini-adventures this year. Mt Hood took the cake for being the furthest outside of Portland I’ve gone in over a year. On the other hand I spent more time on my bike than years past and cycled all over this city in Spring and Summer. I made friends with 8 of the neighborhood cats…the best being Handsome Tuxedo Cat with the stinking cute little plaid bowtie. Crossing my fingers for some longer backpacking hikes back on Mt Hood and beyond this summer…

View from Mt Hood in all its glory


I got some stories published which was exciting. I finished a book, started another, and wrote a few short stories — finally dabbling in fiction which has been really fun. This was a good year for sitting my butt down at my desk, spacing out a lot out the window overlooking the squirrel highway, and drinking enormous quantities of tasty warm beverages typing away. (Favorites: Coconut Oolong Tea and Cola Cao — hot chocolate mix from Spain that tastes like childhood and nostalgia and malty deliciousness.)

Double rainbow the day Biden and Harris won


I work with some of the best humans I know. It’s a ridiculously great crew that cracks me up all day. I wrote about them here (scroll down to the November 12 entry.) When I was a kid I watched a lot of Jetsons cartoons and the idea of talking to someone via a screen seemed UNREAL to me. Thank you, technology, for making it easy to see family’s faces via so many screens. Friends have been an anchor for me this year (and every year) and family talks that hopefully sometime this year will turn into IRL talks.

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